Our Vision

Ethical & Sustainable by design

Hosted on the permanent Web using blockchain technologies, DataPond is the first book library that need NO UPKEEP.

DataPond pioneers ethical and sustainable access to knowledge by leveraging blockchain technology. Its permanence on the Web eliminates the need for continual upkeep, reducing environmental impact. By democratizing access to books without maintenance requirements, DataPond promotes sustainability and ethical practices. It fosters a digital ecosystem where resources are preserved and shared equitably, ensuring lasting benefits for both present and future generations.

A real life video game

DataPond revolutionizes learning through gamification, offering a dynamic experience where users upgrade knowledge to enrich their community participation. As a decentralized library, it provides access to 5000 books on D-SAFE content, empowering users to evolve over time with provable blueprints for positive growth. By blending gaming elements with educational resources, DataPond transforms learning into an engaging journey towards personal and communal improvement.

Permanent Shift

Permanent Storage

Arweave technology enables a secure and cost-effective decentralized setup, ensuring permanent storage for DataPond's library without compromising safety or affordability.


DataPond upholds respect for all state laws by allocating funds to establish a community-funded front door. This door serves as a platform for public formal complaints, legal requests, and announcements from local legal bodies. By embracing transparency and compliance with legal frameworks, DataPond ensures accountability and responsiveness to the legal landscape. This commitment fosters trust within the community and demonstrates a dedication to operating within the bounds of the law while providing a channel for constructive engagement and adherence to regulatory standards.

A Funny Circle Operation

Beneficiary: The Earth, Us

On Earth, we're more than just occupants; we're integral parts of its ecosystem. As a community, we're tasked with learning how to restore and rejuvenate our planet. Earth's rich biodiversity holds vast wisdom in sustainable landscape management and regeneration. By harnessing this knowledge, we can enhance practices to foster thriving environments where both humans and nature flourish together.

Trustee: D-Safe

The D-Safe label is safe for children, adults and plants.

The D-SAFE Label stands as a legal entity, with content considered safe for children, adults, and plants. Serving as a gateway for content removal requests, community feedback, and integration with international legal systems, it's designed for continual improvement through automation. We need donations to connect with every book author in the library and distributing them special author access keys.
Grantor: Community-Licence

The DataPond Community License is dedicated to constructing and upholding the D-SAFE Label and its content explorer, The Library. Our mission revolves around creating a safe and enriching environment for users. To fulfill this vision, we rely on donations to support ongoing development efforts. Your contributions play a crucial role in building the foundation for a secure and accessible platform for all.

Sacred Earth - A Sustainable shared formula

The Community Licence
provides a D-SAFE permanent library to build a public collection of ethical knowledge
Students & Education
access the D-Safe library and upgrade their skills
The planet & us.
A community that benefits in increase off shared knowledge about quality food production within a sustainable framework.

A philosophy to teach environmentally friendly crafts, and propagate the knowledges for landscape restoration trough permanent agriculture