Our Vision

Provide a permanent knowledge library for rural communities

Hosted on the permanent Web using blockchain technologies, DataPond is the first book library that aim to reach the NO UPKEEP evolution.

Solve the crypto niche problem

Knowing that 95+% of the world population doesn't have enough money, and acknowledging the Crypto illiteracy problem, The Library becomes a model on how to build and implement a public good on top of the crypto blockchain without the need for connecting any wallet.

The library can potentially solve many problem, and is the building stone of a larger community based project. But it needs to be shaped perfectly before being published permanently.

By integrating with several blockchain ,such as Arweave, Move, Stellar and Solidity, the Library is a product that looks like a free web2 website that doesn't need any user account or registration to be fully accessible.

Under the hood, it is an advanced web3 DApp, which by design, partially verify a user human's hood and transparently reward those users with a free apprentice key.

An apprentice key

  • - Weekly saves all user's action, and convert them into permanent votes.
  • - Is a partial proof of being a human ( looking at MoneyGram as a possible way to fully prove human-hood )
  • - Is a certification that the user is keen and willing to learn to develop their skills @ regenerating their ecosystem

A real life video game

DataPond offers a dynamic experience where users upgrade knowledge to enrich their community participation.

Obtaining an Apprentice key takes between 20 and 30 minutes.
The apprentice key is also the best captcha ever !
No more machine asking you if you are human!. You get to learn something new instead.

Permanent Shift

Permanent Storage

Arweave technology enables a secure and cost-effective decentralized setup, ensuring permanent storage for DataPond's library without compromising safety or affordability.

Legal (In progress)

DataPond upholds respect for all state laws by allocating funds to establish a community-funded front door.

We aim to build a platform for public formal complaints, legal requests, and public announcements from local legal bodies - when related to DataPond's content index.

By embracing transparency and compliance with legal frameworks, we want to ensure accountability to all world state's legal landscape.

Example 1: Removal request. A book could be offensive, or illegal in one state, or country - while being perfectly acceptable in another state.
We want to respect and open a transparent communication channel - and we will remove the offending content based on a geolocation basis - using ANS-106 Do not store Request

Example 2: Public book funding. A government, or a public good funding donating a book licence for their communities.
But only when accessing from within that community's borders.

A Funny Circle Operation

Beneficiary: The Earth, Us

On Earth, we're more than just occupants; we're integral parts of its ecosystem. As a community, we're tasked with learning how to restore and rejuvenate our planet. Earth's rich biodiversity holds vast wisdom in sustainable landscape management and regeneration. By harnessing this knowledge, we can enhance practices to foster thriving environments where both humans and nature flourish together.

Trustee: D-SAFE

The D-SAFE label certifies that the content is safe for children, adults, and plants. Serving as a gateway for content removal requests, community feedback, and integration with international legal systems, it's designed for continual improvement through automation.

Grantor: Community-Licence

The DataPond Community License is dedicated to evolve the D-SAFE Label and its content explorer, The Library. Our mission revolves around creating a safe and enriching environment for all users from any cultural background.