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Is there really an universal knowledge on Sustainable practices ?

The vast majority of internet is written in English, it is no surprise the first version of DataPond only contain English books.

However - we believe that when it comes to the large theme of sustainability - English speaking countries have a lot to learn from non - english speaking countries - which represent 85% of the world.

There are many different cultures - and each state and countries have their own history of proven sustainable practices that work over time

It is more than a simple Translation

For each language - we will need to hire a team of explorers. Their role will be to make contact with experts in sustainable practices in each domain - and help develop the concept of Common Creative content.

The DataPond community funding system.

We need to build a community funding platform for each languages - that traces in real time the progress of each mission.

DataPond technology is already very innovative - and ships with a multiple language functionality.

This project is about building a web platform that facilitates the communication with the multi language explorer team.

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