Personal Books

Do you own a private collection of digitized books ?

We want to build the next generation of personal book management software - and we would like to make it available for free to use for everyone.

Import, organize, rename and contribute !

By allowing our users to importing their personal collection, we unlock for them the opportunity to browse other topics and make this software theirs - while protecting their privacy.

This - alongside the Library Upgrade project - will give you the best community funded digitized book library.

The DataPond eco-system.

Decentralisation: The personal book management will become part of the DataPond ecosystem - and therefor - share its design, keeping its promise of privacy with no requirements for an account.

Cloud backup

DataPond cannot allow anyone to use its technology to anonymously upload any type of content into the permanent blockchain.

We will however integrate DataPOnd with popular cloud solutions, which will allow you to backup and sync your collection into your favorite cloud storage solution, such as Google Drive, Microsoft drive, Apple cloud or other alternatives, such as FileCoin.

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