Gaming Levels built within a growth mindset

The Community Licence formula

10 % of all donations are spent in the printing of the library community key programs

Students & Education

When reaching a certain level in the Game, all users will have access to this free key donation program - and will unlock the Apprentice Key, for a full access.

A Free Key funding program.

Education is open to anyone and everyone.

Main Keys

Student Key

All student keys are free and available inside your local browser.

For data storage, your local-browser storage is used for 100% of all your personal storage.

Full Books access is limited under a Student Key.

Apprentice Key

Upgrade your Student Key to an Apprentice Key for Free inside The Library.

The Apprentice Key is subject to available keys from the donation pool.

Your Apprentice key unlocks full access to The Library.

Backup or Vote ?

Student Keys are designed to record your attendance until you win an Apprentice Key while inside the library.

Apprentice Keys fully unlocks the downloader and the reader access, to access all the books.

More questions about the Appprentice Keys?

Click here for access => FAQ about the Apprentice Key

The winning formula

Same formula for all donations.

Using one formula for all donations, regardless of where they come from or how much they are, helps us work efficiently. It also ensures fairness, lets us measure things accurately, and makes our budget planning and reviews automated, safe, democratic and easy to understand.

A Sustainable video game

The Datapond design ensures sustainability through its strategic allocation of donations.

Ten percent is dedicated to automated marketing campaigns, continually attracting new users. Another ten percent is invested in printing Free Apprentice Keys, fostering community engagement and expanding access to library content. Furthermore, a substantial fifty percent is allocated to developing new library components and sections, ensuring ongoing growth and relevance.

This balanced approach not only encourages community involvement and expansion but also ensures continuous improvement and innovation, making Datapond a sustainable platform for the long term.

Find the hidden formula inside the library

The public library is accessible on all devices and all browser.

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