Project TRON Calendar:

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Week 1 => 05/05/2024->12/05/2024

☑ Current Version Access here

☑ Build a new responsive and accessible UX for the topic layout.

☑ Refactor the whole product to using Sitemap and image optimization

☑ Perfect Lighthouse A11Y scores

☑ Integration with Dexie Live chat and Dexie newsletter forms !

☑ Contact me link for feedback - Live Chat or Email on every page forms and one discord channel.

Week 2 => 12/05/2024->19/05/2024

☑ Release MVP 1

☑ Implement the leveling system from Student to Apprentice.

☑ Gaming story screens upgrade.

Week 3 => 19/05/2024->26/05/2024

☑ Release MVP 2 - TRON

☑ Feedback form design

☑ More Gaming story screens upgrade.

☑ TRON wallet connector integration + first release TRON smart contract deployment TestNet.

Week 4 => 26/05/2024->02/06/2024

Business setup & structure documentation

☑ Publish the documents & researches for the registration of non profit businesses. Hidden in one of those those section: TOPIC: Business, Economy, Finances, TOPIC: Decision Making and Democracy

☑ New Company registered with legal insurance.

☑ Documentation of the Library constitution plan for DAO organization, buried somewhere in the TOPIC: Cooperatives or the TOPIC: Legal and Crypto

Week 5 => 03/06/2024->10/06/2024

☑ Release MVP 3 - UX-improvements

☑ Add a zoom preview cover for desktop and mobiles.

☑ make the swipe left/right better quality for mobile

☑ "A" A11Y - Full Keyboard navigation with arrow keys

☐ GamePad support

Week 6 => 11/06/2024->18/06/2024

Tron hackathon results announced

☐ Release MVP 4 - Book Rankings + DEMO

☐ Based on all user’s shared votes, connect to TRON public data to display the community reading activity.

☐ Prepare the demo for the demo week, and demonstrate that the library is ready to go public!

Week 7 => 19/06/2024->26/06/2024

☐ marketing campaign integration Launch

☐ Integrate with some analytics.