The D-Licence

This licence created by @datapond inherits all attributes of a Creative Commons licence. Attribution, Non Commercial, No Modification.

No Tangible assets allowed

DataPond upholds strict guidelines, prohibiting tangible assets and certain content. Financial transactions, wallet custody, private data exchange, and books with commercial distribution licenses are not permitted. This policy ensures a safe and focused environment, fostering knowledge sharing without distractions or potential risks associated with financial activities or commercial content.

No - Centralization

In traditional models, tangible assets often serves as the backbone of systems, representing centralization and control.

By removing all possible financial risks, we detach ourself from ALL security requirements needed in modern software design.

datapond harness the most from it unique crypto-architecture.

No Account required

All access to D-Licenced content must be made publicly available without the need to get an account.

By ensuring the availability of 100% of the content account-less, D-licence content is a public good openly managed by the public.

The Community Licence

In construction

Funded by and built for the community, The Library embodies the spirit of collaboration and collective progress.

It serves as a hub for knowledge exchange, cultural enrichment, and empowerment.

D-SAFE for children, adults and plants.

Warning: Non fiction only content
No In 'App Purchases', No FictionNo Ads, No FictionNo Porn, No FictionNo AI, No FictionNo History, No FictionNo Fiction books, No FictionNo Stolen content, No FictionNo Spiritual content, No FictionNo Medicine content, No FictionNo Content promoting violence or hatred, No FictionNo Political content, No FictionNo Social Media content, No FictionNo Video, No FictionNo content related to destruction of bio-diversity, No Fiction