D-SAFE: Children, adults and plants

Access universal knowledge

Universal education instills respect for life and planet, fostering sustainable practices crucial for biodiversity preservation and ecological balance.



A Vision shift within a technological revolution

A Permanent classroom on the blockchain

Our vision is to build a cross generation tool, forever FREE - resistant to inflation by using blockchain tech to ensure 250 years storage of information.

Free, Forever

250 topics on sustainability

A meticulously categorized, extensive digital content collection encompassing various facets of sustainability, comprising thousands of items. All the content is made available under licenses such as Creative Commons, copyleft, or in the public domain.

Save the planet video game

Save the world

The Communities

Respect to all communities

Our goal is to build a decentralized global council focused on creating products that require no maintenance.
We are aiming to provide every world's state legal system the capability to regulate Data-Pond for their own residents.